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By developing and commercializing products from its patented technologies and partnerships, American Doctors Online adapted to the growing digital age to bring patients care via audio and videoconferencing.

About Us

The innovative PhoneDOCTORx™ (PDRx) system uses proven patent methodology to treat non-urgent, urgent, and emergent medical cases that arise at Extended Care Facilities (ECFs). In compliance with the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Medicine, PDRx operates as the covering physician during after-hours and weekends.

What ’s PDRx?

PDRx was built on the foundation of a new method for delivering medical examination, diagnosis, and treatment services to a patient over a network by using a call center and audio-visual technologies. The system can support any plurality of healthcare practitioners’ terminals and patient terminals as a way to bring patients face-to-face with physicians and provide medical consultation— — even during off-hours. PDRx delivers its revolutionary healthcare service through an agreement with American Doctors Online™ (ADOL).

The PDRx Clinical Process

  • A clinical question or concern arises at an ECF that requires a physician consultation after hours and on weekends when the Primary Care Physician is not available
  • ECF nurse calls PDRx and speaks with the staff at the call center
  • PDRx Medical Triage Assistant obtains basic information regarding the medical need and triages the call to the physician
  • PDRx physician accesses, assesses, and reviews the patient's Electronic Medical Record and information found from the ECF
  • Physician and ECF nurse discuss the case and the physician may provide verbal advice or written orders; a video conferencing consultation with the patient may also be requested
  • Upon conclusion and medical recommendation(s), the physician electronically transmits a progress note of encounter back to ECF

Following this proven step-by-step process offers nurses and patients immediate consultation and access with Board-Certified physicians through real-time audio and visual communications. Access to Emergency Medical Records (EMRs) and the visualization of the patient yields more informed decisions and the immediate physician interaction reduces avoidable transfers to the Emergency Department (ED). Another enhancement of PDRX is the visualization of new admission patient medication orders from both the hospital and the ECF (when performing medication reconciliation). Our data concur with national studies indicating that medication errors occur in 22% of patients where the process relies solely on nurse to clinician verbal communication.

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In these days of exploding overhead and imploding reimbursements, physicians nationwide are looking for a way to reverse the trend where taking care of patients and taking care of business are becoming virtually mutually exclusive. PDRX is looking to partner with Extended Care Facilities who intend to not only provide needed medical services, but in a manner which avoids unnecessary transfers to the hospital and unnecessary admissions. PDRX’s program was studied by Dr David Grabowski, professor of health care policy in the Department of Health Care Policy at Harvard Medical School. The study was funded by the Commonwealth Fund and confirmed that PDRX’s “findings suggest that nursing homes that are fully engaged in off-hours telemedicine coverage could generate cost savings for Medicare that exceed the facilities investment in the telemedicine service.”

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