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225+ Years of Experiece
Meet the PDRx Team

Our Physician Management Group has over 225 years of combined of emergency medicine experience. Many of our physicians have authored papers in major medical journals and textbooks. Two of our physicians have served as the President of the Massachusetts chapter of the American College of Emergency Physicians.

PDRx = patented process and technology along with un-paralleled clinician support

Staff Highlights

  • BulletTwo Former Presidents Of The MA College Of Emergency Physicians (MACEP)
  • BulletMultiple Recipients Of The Vanguard Award From MA College Of Emergency (MACEP)
  • BulletFormer Chairman Of The Department Of Emergency Medicine At St. Luke's For 25 Years
  • BulletHave Authored Several Chapters In Major Textbooks On Emergency Medicine
  • BulletMembers Of MACEP
  • BulletAuthored Several Peer-Review Articles In Medical Journals
  • BulletMembers Of Massachusetts Medical Society (MMS)
  • BulletCurrent Chairman, Dept. Of Emergency Medicine At St Luke's Hospital
  • BulletA Staff Member Double Board Certified In Emergency And Internal Medicine
  • BulletA Staff Member Six Sigma Certified
  • BulletFACEP Members
  • BulletExperience In Healthcare Management Consulting
  • BulletContributing Author For Textbooks On Observation Medicine
  • BulletMembers Of ACEP
  • BulletGraduating with Masters in Healthcare Innovations (M.H.I.) in 2012
  • BulletA Staff Member Fluent In Russian
  • BulletA Staff Member Fluent In Spanish
  • BulletFluent In Portuguese
  • BulletA Master Scuba Diver (PADI)