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Cost Savings
Recue Time Delays
Visualization of Patients
Reduce Preventable Readmissions

PhoneDOCTORx services not only provide distinctive value by saving Extended Care Facilities (ECFs) bed-hold days but save the managed care organizations and healthcare system millions in avoidable Emergency Department (ED) visits and hospital admissions.

  • Reduce time delays in responding to clinical issues at ECFs
  • Visualization of patients yields more informed medical decisions
  • Access to medical records increases continuity of care
  • Board Certified physicians can review labs, x-rays and medications
  • Assist in the stabilization of emergent patients being transported to the ED
  • Documentation of clinical encounters ensures better continuity of care throughout the continuum of care
  • Ability to address pain/behavioral issues immediately
    • Adjust pain medications accordingly
    • Ability to control agitation (real-time) without restraints
  • Provide higher level of acuity service at ECFs
  • Reduce unnecessary transfers/readmissions to hospitals
  • Increase admissions and occupancy in ECFs
  • Marketing opportunities to community, family and hospitals
  • Attract PCPs with large practices
  • Decrease the burden on PCPs during after hours/weekends
  • Improve nursing recruitment & retention
    • Nursing satisfaction very high with PDRx in place
    • Provides real-time support to nurses