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"PhoneDOCTORx's innovative technology now allows our nurses to make immediate contact with a physician. This new resource will enhance the quality of care we provide our residents and will also decrease the number of transports to the emergency room, which is a very emotional process for our residents."

Joe Pereira
Director of Nursing Services at Weymouth Health Care Center


"We know that families want the best possible care for an aging loved one, and we are constantly striving to provide our residents with the best health care available. By adding PhoneDOCTORx to our facilities, we are adding an important extra layer of care to our residents and comfort to their families."

Maryann Smith
Regional Marketing Director of HealthBridge Management Inc.


With over 36,500 physician-patient encounters, PhoneDOCTORx™ (PDRx) is a proven leader in the telemedicine industry—but what is the definition of, "success?" Extended Care Facilities define success by a reduction in avoidable ED and hospital transfers, inclusion in hospital preferred provider networks and reduction in bed hold days. Nurses measure PDRx' s success by increased and timely access to Board Certified Physicians, as increased continuity and a higher level of care for their patients. And finally, patients and families find the value of PDRx to be immeasurable with reduced wait time for crucial answers and consultations, plus the peace of mind that comes with being able to hear and see the doctor while discussing symptoms and medical options.

PhoneDOCTORx improves the process of caring for patients and the lives of everyone involved including patients and their families, nurses, physicians and facility administrators.

Healthcare is very complex and PDRx has been able derive positive outcomes that are measurable throughout the patients journey in the healthcare continuum.