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Intro to PDRxArcs

Twelve years of proven success - PhoneDOCTORx™ (PDRx) was founded in 1999 by Dr. Paul Bulat, Medical Director at St. Luke's Hospital in New Bedford, MA. Dr. Bulat's vision was to use a new method for delivering medical examination, diagnosis, and treatment services to a patient over a network using a medical call center and audio-visual technologies with any plurality of healthcare practitioners' terminals and patient terminals as a way to bring patients face-to-face with physicians to provide medical consultation—even during off-hours. The original PhoneDOCTORx™ concept utilized videoconferencing in Retail Pharmacies to provide timely and appropriate medical care to patients who had simple, day-to-day medical needs (e.g., poison ivy). During its trial period, PhoneDOCTORx™ safely helped many patients avoid a trip to the Emergency Department (ED).

In 2005, the focus of PhoneDOCTORx™ changed when Dr. Bulat's mother became ill and required the services of an Extended Care Facility (ECF). Dr. Bulat experienced first-hand the challenges faced by ECFs and overburdened community physicians to provide timely care to their patients. He realized that helping Extended Care Facilities solve these issues would better employ the resources of PhoneDOCTORx™. As this new concept was being refined, Dr. Bulat and his team realized that the solution would yield a multiple win for Extended Care Facilities, their patients, their nursing staffs, their primary care and covering physicians, already overcrowded Emergency Departments, and the Healthcare System which would save significant costs from prevented unnecessary transfers and hospital admissions.


PhoneDOCTORx™ utilizes patented telemedicine processes it licenses from American Doctors Online™ (ADOL), the practice management company for PDRx.

Paul Bulat
Paul I. Bulat, M.D., FACEP

". . . Dr. Bulat's mother became ill and required the services of an Extended Care Facility (ECF). Dr. Bulat experienced first-hand the challenges faced by ECFs and overburdened community physicians to provide timely care to their patients."


Our Mission

PhoneDOCTORx's strategic mission is to provide real-time telemedicine consultation directly to patients and their families in the setting of extended care facilities (ECFs), skilled nursing facilities (SNFs), and long-term care for non-emergent and emergent conditions.

Our Distinct Value Propositions

  • Increased access and timeliness of care
  • Increased quality of care
  • Reduced cost associated with unnecessary Emergency Department transfers and inpatient admissions
  • Offer a coverage for after hours for patients peace of mind
  • Provide higher level of acuity of service at skilled nursing facilities
  • Improve nursing recruitment and retention
  • Help attract primary care physicians
  • Help meet standards and regulations of external reviewing agencies including Department of Public Health (DPH) and Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO)

13 Years of Successful Service


July 2013

  • As of July 2013, PDRx has completed over 36,500 clinical encounters to date.


January 2012

  • PDRx has completed over 31,000 clinical encounters to date


June 2011

  • Brian Lane added as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of ADOL, the Practice Management Company of PDRx
  • PDRx –implemented its 12th site with 6 more sites ready to go live within year
  • ADOL awarded latest patent – Covering Physicians for Telemedicine

August 2011

  • PDRx opens Cambridge, MA Office – 58 Charles Street – Senior Whole Health (SWH) Building

September 2011

  • PDRx has completed over 29,000 clinical encounters to date


December 2010

  • PDRx added nurses to clinical staff of the Medical Call Center


September 2009

  • PDRx implemented an electronic medical record (EMR) - BizMatics (PrognoCIS)
  • PDRx achieves the milestone of its 10,000th encounter & 4 client Installations


  • PDRx affiliates/partners with Senior Whole Health, a Senior Care Organization (SCO), to cover their patients in Extended Care Facilities (ECF) where both organizations have a presence

October 2008

  • Medical Triage Assistants (MTAs) added to the Call Center staff (MTAs coordinate the information flow between the ECF and the clinical staff in the PDRx Medical Call Center)

December 2008

  • PDRx adds a second ECF, Weymouth Health Care Center



  • Moved to 200 Mill Road, Fairhaven, MA – AT&T Building


February 2006

  • PDRx contracts with New Bedford Health Care Center (NBHCC), an Extended Care Facility (ECF) in New Bedford, MA to provide telemedicine coverage for its patients

June 2006

  • PDRx begins providing after-hours physician coverage at NBHCC via telemedicine (a combination of telephone consultations and videoconferences between nurses and patients at NBHCC and a physician at the PDRx Medical Call Center)


October 2003

  • In 2005, Dr. Bulat's mother became ill and needed the services of a skilled nursing facility. In speaking with the facility's staff and leadership, an opportunity to work corroboratively in order to improve the quality, accessibility and delivery of patient care was unearthed. Telemedicine at New Bedford health Care Center was not far behind!


October 2003

  • ADOL is awarded its first patent covering the process utilized by PhoneDOCTORx™ for receiving and routing calls for Telemedicine

2001 - 2002

  • PDRx provides coverage to several Stop & Shop retail pharmacies as an initial trial site


  • ADOL to serve as exclusive Practice Management Company for PDRx / 1st ADOL License Agreement signed with PDRx


  • American Doctor Online™ (ADOL) and PhoneDOCTORx™ (PDRx) founded by Dr. Paul Bulat