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Patients in Extended Care Facilities can speak with, and be seen by, a board-certified physician through a high-definition, two-way camera unit wheeled to the patient's bedside.

on weekends
365 days a year


"PhoneDOCTORx has saved us (lost bed revenue) and has increased our ability to attract and retain high quality nurses."

"The patented process and technologies PDRx utilizes allows me to create a visual connection with the patients, their families, and the other care providers on duty."

"I am grateful that the facility I work for is partnered with PhoneDOCTORx. Access to Board Certified physicians on weekends and after-hours allows me to help patients make informed medical decisions in a timely manner."

"Relief. That's the word I would use to describe how I felt when I was able to actually speak with the doctor on Saturday. To see him on the video screen and discuss my shortness of breath was so helpful."



PhoneDOCTORx (PDRx) provides consultation services to Extended Care Facilities (ECFs) and serves as the covering physician for a patient's primary care physician under the "covering physician model" approved by the Board of Registration in Medicine.

PDRx provides physician coverage services through audio and/or video conferencing consultations. Partnering with PhoneDOCTORx, ECFs are empowered to provide nurses, patients and their families with confidential, real-time access to Board Certified physicians in non-urgent, urgent and emergent care consultation through state-of-the-art Medical Call Centers.

Primary Care Physicians are typically overburdened when on call, being pulled between their office, the hospital and extended care facilities. This makes it difficult to treat each patient in a timely manner—especially during off-hours. In addition, it can be both time-consuming and difficult to evaluate and treat a patient by telephone without having direct access to the patient's record, or being able to visualize and speak directly with the patient. These circumstances often lead to preventable emergency department transfers and hospital admissions—very costly to the healthcare system and emotionally and physically stressful to the patient. PhoneDOCTORx finally bridges the gap. Using a patented process licensed through American Doctors Online (ADOL), PhoneDOCTORx puts healthcare on the patients' schedule—where an hour can seem like a lifetime—providing immediate physician access.